San Francisco Side Window Replacement

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When a car’s side window is damaged, it cannot be repaired but it should be replaced with a new one. At Auto Glass Repair of SF, we have experts who specialize in side window replacement in San Francisco. Our technicians are well equipped and properly trained in matters concerning side windows replacement. We offer affordable services around San Francisco, CA, and its environs.

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Causes of Side Window Replacement

  • Attempted theft or theft
  • Damage by fallen  trees or tree limbs
  • Accidents
  • Road debris
  • Damage of side window in an auto collision

Delaying the replacement of your side window can result in the following;

  • Exposes you and your passengers to the risk of burglary
  • High auto glass replacement cost in the future
  • The value of your car depreciates
  • Risk of an injury to you and your passenger in case of an accident
  • A slow reaction time to hazards on the road

The Procedure of Side Window Replacement

  • The technician will first assess the damage incurred keenly
  • The technician will then remove the door panel in order to access the remaining part of the side window glass
  • Our technician will then vacuum any glass or debris from the vehicle’s interior
  • A brand new side window will then be inserted
  • The regulator will be tested to ensure the window functions properly
  • The door panel will also be replaced
  • All glass will be cleaned out from the vehicle

Our auto glass expert can clean up after completing the replacement. The replacement process can take an hour utmost thus ensuring you get back on the road as soon as possible. Give us a call at Auto Glass Repair of SF through (415) 358-6349 for the best and fast services.

Benefits of Side Window Replacement

Here are some of the benefits of side window replacement.


Through side window replacement your safety and that of your passengers is assured in case of break-ins

Saves you future replacement or repair cost

Side window damage gradually gets worse over time. We recommend you to contact us as soon as possible. Early replacement avoids higher future replacement costs.

Ensures you stay on the good side of the law

It is illegal to drive around with a damaged window as it can affect your judgment on the road.

Contact us if you are around San Francisco, CA or you can schedule an appointment with us for consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

How do I protect a broken side window?

You should remove the broken glass and then vacuum the entire area. Wipe the sill together with the window frame then seal the window using clear packaging tape. Contact a reputable auto glass company such as ours as soon as possible so that we can do a replacement.

Can you drive with a broken side window?

You shouldn’t drive your car with a broken side window for the safety of you and your passengers. We recommend a replacement as soon as possible due to the fact that we prioritize your safety. Visit us today and we will sort you out.

What do you do if someone smashes your car’s side window?

Document the incident and report the case to the police for the necessary case to be investigated. You should place a fraud alert in case valuables like credit cards were taken during the break-in. File an insurance claim with your consecutive insurance company and finally replace the broken side window.

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