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    Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco | Windshield Replacements, Mobile Repairs

    Cindy Jonas
    Cindy Jonas
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    "I can't believe I was so stpid to not notice the crack in my windshield. I should have paid more attention when it first happened, but anyways, now that it's all fixed up and saved me from a costly replacement! That being said, there are some things you need to know before you get your car glass repaired: -Make sure they're authorized by your insurance company -Don't let them pressure you into accepting their services even if they say most people do"
    Morne Boshoff
    Morne Boshoff
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    Sean was an absolute professional. He informed me of how could get the replacement window myself, I picked it up shortly after, and he came out to my house to install the new window, all in the same afternoon (Today). I highly recommend this service. Thank you Sean.
    Bill Scanlon
    Bill Scanlon
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    They treated me like a loyal customer even though I was just coming in for the first time, and they offered much more than fair pricing.
    Mary Thomas
    Mary Thomas
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    I knew that the price for mobile auto glass repair was going to be cheaper than it used to be, but I wasn't sure about the quality. When I finally found Auto Glass Repair Of SF on Google and read reviews, I felt more at ease with what they could do for me.
    Michael Rivers
    Michael Rivers
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    I searched for reviews on Yelp and found Auto Glass Repair of SF. They came to where we were parked, replaced the glass in less than an hour and charged only $120! It's been a year since they fixed it and it still looks like new.
    Russell Cain
    Russell Cain
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    I am so happy with Auto Glass Repair of SF! They treated me like a loyal customer even though I was just coming in for the first time, and they offered much more than fair pricing.
    Elliot Bennett
    Elliot Bennett
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    Vehicle owners are always looking for a reputable auto glass repair company to fix their windshields. I want to share my review of Auto Glass Repair of SF who repaired our windshield on the car. The staff was professional and friendly, and they completed the work in under an hour! They did not leave any residue or have any scratches on the dashboard when they were done which is always a plus for me!
    John Sims
    John Sims
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    I am a vehicle owner and I recently needed my windshield repaired. I had been shopping around for the best price, but when I found one of the most professional auto glass repair companies in SF, Auto Glass Repair of SF, their prices were very competitive with other businesses that offer similar services. They also offered me a lifetime warranty on their work which was an added bonus. The customer service at this company is top notch, they are friendly and helpful. It didn't take long for them to complete my car's repairs either so it wasn't such an inconvenience to have our car out-of-commission while waiting for repairs to be completed--they made it quick! For all these reasons and more, I would recommend Auto Glass Repair of SF to

    Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco will repair or replace your damaged automobile glass, no matter how bad it gets. Our mechanics have been serving the industry for years with safe, reliable work on all kinds of vehicles. In San Francisco alone there are over one thousand miles of road. That’s over a thousand miles of fraught-with hazards-driving. It could be something as random as a pot-hole that jars your power windows out of alignment, to the more calculated and cruel tendencies of street vandals who smash your windshield with a baseball bat. We live in a beautiful city full of lovely places to hike, drink coffee, and admire the talent of experienced artists. But it isn’t always friendly, nor is lady luck always sitting next to you at the craps table. Should either circumstance bring trouble to your car windows, we’re here to help. Dial (415) 358-6349  to get free estimates.

    That’s a broad statement—but then again, we cover a wide area of repairs and installation. Go outside right now and walk around your car. We’ll wait. Back yet? Great. Okay, how much glass did you see? If you’ve got one of those fancy shooting brakes that Audi makes it could have been as many as seven panels, depending on whether or not it has a sun-roof. Modern Hummers have something more like nine panels in all. It’s all good with us. No matter what kind of car or truck you drive, the right kind of glass repair for it gets done here at Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco.

    Call (415) 358-6349 today to get free estimates.

    Auto Glass Repair Services in San Francisco, California

    Because our mechanics have so many years’ experience in the industry, you’re certain to be highly impressed with the quality of their work. Just to name a few of the things that we take care of here, let’s compile a list.

    • Sun-roofs and moon-roofs
    • Windshields and rear windows
    • Power windows and rolling windows
    • Rear-view mirrors
    • Quarter glass

    Simply put:  If it smashes, we can fix it. Sometimes cracks and stars can be repaired. If the crack is less than 3 inches long and does not impair the driver’s vision, chances are a repair is going to suffice. Our certified mechanics are fully read up on state laws for automobile glass requirements. We won’t put you back on the road in a car that fails to meet standards or is otherwise unsafe to drive. That kind of “service” does not fall under our method of operation. For impeccable service with the above list and so much more, contact us today at (415) 358-6349.

    Areas We Service

    Finding a quality auto glass repair company can be difficult if you’ve never had to call one before. Let us spare you the search: Call Auto Glass Repair Of San Francisco. For any trouble you’re having with your vehicle’s windshield, rear window, wing mirrors, and other glass parts, we’re the experts who will get you back on the road.

    We service all of San Francisco County with years of glass repair experience, as well as a deep appreciation for a job well done. Just some of the places we extend a helping hand to include:

    • Financial District
    • Mission Bay
    • Mission District
    • Richmond District
    • Haight-Ashbury
    • Noe Valley
    • West Portal
    • Bernal Heights
    • Balboa Park
    • Inner Sunset
    • Outer Sunset
    • Golden Gate Heights
    • Sunset District
    • Vista Del Mar
    • Laurel Heights
    • South Park
    • South Beach
    • Daly City
    • South San Francisco
    • Brisbane
    • Colma
    • San Bruno
    • Millbrae
    • Pacifica
    • Burlingame
    • Oakland
    • Alameda
    • Emeryville
    • Piedmont
    • Milly Valley
    • Marin City
    • Corte Madera
    • Larkspur
    • San Rafael
    • Berkeley

    No matter what kind of car or truck you may drive, when the glass breaks, we do replacement better than anyone. We also offer glass repairs for less severe cases. Get in touch with us today at (415) 358-6349 to find out how we can help.

    this is an image of auto glass repair in san francisco
    this is an image of auto glass repair in san francisco

    Why Choose Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco?

    Trust, reliability, experience, attention to detail, and a rock-solid work ethic. That’s the short answer. Quality Bay Area car window repair has never been easier to find. Quick auto glass with no hassle and no run-around resides here. We’re not just a bunch of backyard mechanics using department store tools. We’re certified professionals with access to the most modern equipment in the industry. We deal with all different types of customers, even other repair companies. We just repaired the windshield of a local mobile truck repair company.

    All of this means a job done right the first time, every time, for our valued patrons. They bring their cars here because over the years we’ve built up a trustworthy team of friendly, courteous folks that greets everyone with a smile. Yes, you’ll hear some power tools at work when you arrive. The clicking and buzzing of state-of-the-art machinery. You’ll also see a lot of people locked in on what they’re doing, be that power mirror repair, side window replacement, sun-roof alignment, or any number of other tasks. Our quality is our creed. And your satisfaction, our guarantee. Dial (415) 358-6349 now for our services.

    this is an image of windshield replacement in san francisco
    this is an image of windshield repair in san francisco

    Windshield Repair and Enhancement

    When you come to us with a windshield that’s damaged, you’ll get no guesswork on what needs to be done and no seat-of-the-pants rectification. We are fully up to date on state regulations concerning auto glass requirements. That means the repair or replacement that we do will meet all road standards. For instance, did you know that in California a windshield crack more than three inches long requires full replacement? The same goes for chips that get larger than a quarter. These and other laws are never ignored at Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco. 

    Our laws are pretty strict, too. We’re not about to send you into traffic in an unsafe automobile. Stars, cracks, gouges, or holes are no trouble at all to fix. Most likely we’ll have the replacement parts in stock. For the ones we don’t have…well, our reach is pretty long, and we know some great distributors. San Francisco can be a real battle zone sometimes. If something ever happens to the windshield of your vehicle, bring it to us for quality care.

    Give us a call at (415) 358-6349 if you want to learn more about windshield repair and replacement.

    Power Windows and Rolling Windows

    We service all makes and models here. Indeed, we’ve got some real doozies over the years. Chevettes with over 200,000 miles. A 1985 Corvette with the bubble rear window smashed to pieces (replacing that was a little like going to the pet store to buy a new fish aquarium). A 1965 MGB whose PVC plastic had gone so yellow we had to ask its owner if he was a fan of Coldplay.

    Whether your vehicle has power windows, or you drive an older model with a hand crank, we’re happy to repair any problems they might have. We’ll get our hands on the needed parts and have you back on the road before you can say, Preston Tucker. In the case of power windows, the trouble is often misalignment or a loose cable. Misalignment is also common with hand-crank windows, as are faulty jack systems and worn tracks.

    Sometimes the fix is rather easy, but on other occasions, the DIY route can get a bit dicey. Don’t waste your day messing around with complicated systems and running around town for parts. Let the professionals at Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco take care of the job.

    this is an image of power window repair in san francisco
    this is an image of power window repair in san francisco
    this is an image of rearview mirror in san francisco
    this is an image of rearview mirror in san francisco

    Rearview Mirrors

    According to California Vehicle Code, every motor vehicle that is subject to registration in the state of California—except motorcycles—must have two mirrors that reflect the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least 200 feet to the rear of the vehicle.

    So if you drive a car that has two wing mirrors (and these days, most of us do), and one of them gets damaged, the vehicle is still legal to drive so long as two other rearview mirrors are intact. This is the good news. The bad news is that broken wing mirrors are downright ugly. They make your car look ugly. And regardless of whether state law requires them or not, broken wing mirrors are unsafe.

    That’s why if your vehicle has damage to a wing mirror or interior mirror, you should have it repaired ASAP. We’ll do exactly that should you choose us as your repair specialists. In as little as one hour we can have you back on the road with clean, functional mirrors that let you know what may or may not be creeping up from behind. Call us via (415) 358-6349.

    Quarter Glass

    Oh, the quarter glass. That oft-forgotten section of the car window serves a much larger purpose than you might think. The quarter glass increases your visibility through wing mirrors. It also reduces “blind spots”, making lane changing a safer business. Quarter glass panels that openly provide more ventilation for passengers. But just like its larger compatriots, it is prone to damage. Besides getting smashed in some random mishap, the weather stripping that holds the glass in place can become damaged or dried out. If the quarter glass opens, the mechanism that controls it can fail.

    No matter what goes wrong, the specialists at Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco can fix things up in a jiffy. For quarter glass repair or replacement unmatched in the industry, dial (415) 358-6349.

    this is an image of auto glass repair in san francisco
    this is an image of sunroof and moonroof repair in san francisco
    this is an image of sunroof in san franciso

    Sun-roofs and Moon-roofs

    When asked about the difference between a sunroof and a moon-roof, the likely answer a person would give is that a sun-roof is retractable, while a moon-roof is stationary. That’s good enough for us. Because we fix them both with the same unbeatable prowess, the technical definitions—in this case, at least—are all but moot. Whether in need of repair or replacement, destroyed or just cracked, we service these kinds of roofs with integrity beyond reproach.

    Sun-roofs in particular come in many different forms. Spoilers, in-builts, removable, or full-blown panoramic, we’re the doctors for them all. Even if all you have is a small leak, it’s best to get patched straight away. Water dripping into the cabin can rust seat bolts over time, and eventually rot the frame. If your sun-roof or moon-roof happens to leak (only when it rains, right?), don’t wait for things to get worse. Bring it to us for speedy repair that’ll make it like new.

    Windshields and Rear Windows

    Windshields and rear windows are probably the two most common parts of any vehicle we’re commissioned to repair. Customers bring us damaged windows of different shapes and sizes, and we fix them all. On most occasions, complete replacement is necessary, as the damage exceeds what is allowed by state law, but no matter what the case, we’ll get you back behind the wheel without using up too much of your time, or stressing your bank account.

    The make and model of your car seldom inhibit what we can do. We work on lots of different vehicles every year, each of them unique in its way. If you happen to drive a classic, or something ultra-modern, please don’t hesitate to consider our services should something happen to the auto glass. Call Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco at (415) 358-6349 for all of your car glass repair needs.

    this is an image of car window repair in san francisco
    this is an image of windshield repair in san francisco

    About Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco

    We’ve been conducting business in the San Francisco Bay Area for a long time. Automobile trends come and go. In the 70s it was muscle cars (still our favorite). The 80s gave us many boxy beasts crippled by new emissions laws, economic compact cars, and the mini-van. For the 90s it was SUVs. Big SUVs with thirsty gas tanks that drank right on up through the aught 2000s. And today it seems the electric car has gained a firm foothold on the market. Took it long enough, we must say.

    We work on them all with the same level of meticulous attention to the smallest details. Big corporations like Safelite Auto Glass have nothing on us. On one day we might see a 30-year-old compact car with a broken window crank; on another, we’re doing windshield replacement on an electric hybrid for some middle-aged dog named Brian Griffin. Point is, we seldom turn anyone away for the kind of vehicle they’re driving. Most of the stuff we need for a job is right here in stock. For what isn’t handy, we order in. Reach us today at (415) 358-6349.

    this is an image of auto glass repair in san francisco
    this is an image of auto glass repair in san francisco

    Contact the Expert Auto Glass Repair in SF

    The San Francisco Bay area comprises nearly 8 million people. Daily, about 55 thousand cars enter San Francisco County for one reason or another. There are lots of choices here for activities like hiking, dining, browsing museums, clubbing… And yes, auto care and repair. Auto Glass Repair of San Francisco doesn’t claim to be the only spot in the Bay Area to get your windshield fixed, but as choices go, we are the sure thing. In other words, you can’t go wrong by choosing us. There is no roll of the dice, no date with a one-armed bandit. Calling (415) 358-6349 isn’t a gamble—it’s a smart move for the best around in auto glass repair.

    Call us to get a free quote on time and work, make an appointment, or ask questions at our help center. You can also get in touch with us online by filling out the form below and leaving a message. Remember that regardless of what trouble you’re having with your mobile glass, car windows, car windshields, or anything else related, we’re just a few easy keystrokes away. We’ve been doing this for years, dating back to when we moved our company from auto glass repair New Orleans. We even make house calls. This is a handy service for when your vehicle is unfit to drive and towing isn’t readily available. Let us know what you need and we’ll get right to work.