San Francisco Back Glass Replacement

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At Auto Glass Repair of SF, we can service whatever issue you may be having with your back glass. From our services, you will get to see our level of professionalism and high expertise in this field. Contact us through our helpline (415) 358-6349 so that our experts can provide you with our wide variety of services including power window repair, windshield replacement, mobile auto glass repair and many more.

Back glass is made up of tempered glass which has a characteristic where it “explodes” especially during an accident. This is a safety feature to prevent the vehicle’s occupants (driver and passengers) from being trapped in the vehicle. It breaks into small pieces while the laminated glass remains intact.

Common Causes of Back Glass Replacement

Several factors cause back glass damage which results in back glass replacement. Let’s check them out.

Accidents and Collisions

Accidents can happen anytime and result in damage to the back glass. Collisions from a flying bat or hockey stick can result in damage to the back glass

Incorrect Installation by Untrained Staff

In this case, the installation was done by an uncertified technician or by the use of poor-quality installation equipment. At Auto Glass Repair of SF we have certified experts with good quality installation equipment

Bad Weather

A hail storm is a common cause of back glass damage in many areas. In such occurrences contact us we will restore your back glass to how it was before

Sudden Fluctuation of Temperature

The sudden fluctuation of temperature can result in damage to the back glass

Road Debris and Stones

Road debris and stones can sometimes fly off the road and hit the back glass resulting in its damage. This can cause the back glass to crack or even shatter. Other vehicles on the road can kick up stones which in turn may hit your back glass causing it to be damaged

In case your back glass is damaged, contact us at (415) 358-6349 for back glass replacement by our certified experts.

Steps Involved in Back Glass Replacement

The steps involved in back glass replacement include;

  • Our technicians will conduct an assessment to determine the extent of the back glass damage
  • Our technicians will first remove the damaged back glass to facilitate the insertion of the new back glass
  • Our certified technicians will then insert the new back glass which is of high quality
  • Our team of technicians will then ensure  the functionality of the sensors like the defroster
  • They will then vacuum the debris and broken glass in the interior
  • Finally, they clean auto glass on the vehicle

Why Should You Hire Us?

Hire us and experience first-hand pure professionalism. Here are the few reasons why you should work with us;

Our Services are Affordable

We offer affordable automobile glass repair services. Our services are designed to fit your budget and ensure you don’t overspend. The free quote you get after giving us a call on (415) 358-6349 will help you plan and budget properly. Not many automobile glass repair auto-shops have affordable and quality services like ours. Reach out to us by calling or you can visit our auto-shop in San Francisco, CA for more information.

We Are Experienced

We have several years of experience in offering a wide range of automobile glass repairs. Our team comprises certified technicians who got you covered whenever you need services that call for experience.  We have been helping San Francisco’s automobile owners, and you can count on them to do a perfect job.

We Are Well Equipped

Our team of technicians is well equipped with state of art installation equipment. At Auto Glass Repair of SF, we prioritize high-quality workmanship thus we invest heavily in our equipment.

Calling us for this service ensures high-quality workmanship from us. Give us a call at (415) 358-6349 to learn more about San Francisco back glass replacement.

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